Let the treatment begin (pt.4)

After filling my prescription of antiinausea meds It was off to cancer care for some radiation and chemo. 

Before the radiation I had to get fitted for a mask that basically holds your head down so that they can target more precisely. I have to say that if you're claustrophobic this is not for you. They take a warm plastic type thing and press it against your face to make a mold. It took about 20 minutes to harden. During that time they do a scan for the radiation targeting. After the whole mask making ordeal the radiation treatments only takes 5-10 minutes

Radiation selfie

Radiation selfie

Chemo is way more fun.

One round of chemo takes 3 days. Day 1 you get 2 hours of intravenous fluids followed by an hour of the chemo and then another 2 hours of fluids. 

Day 2 and 3 are just fluids because chemo is so evil that the extra fluids are necessary to keep the kidneys flushed. They also insist on drinking tons of water.  

My first round of chemo was chill. I brought my laptop and tethered to my phone and watched some Netflix and did some photo editing. It is just a lot of sitting around. I have to say that I never did get very nauseous. Not sure if it's just my iron stomach of because of the meds. So began my 7 week fun filled treatments.