More treatment, let the side effects begin (pt.5)

Now I'm 3 weeks into the treatment.(November 2014) My taste buds are starting to not work, a little bit of hair loss but only around the radiation area and a slight ringing in the ears.  

My daughter took me out to Wendy's and I ordered the usual crap and I was totally disappointed in how it tasted. Mostly the fries. That was probably close to the last solid meal I would have for a while as my throat and back of my mouth were starting to hurt. Basically it was like eating with a really bad sun burn/open sores on the inside of your mouth.  

Another memorable food moment was watching tv with my wonderful wife and having some chips and dip. They tasted like crap. The texture was nasty. It was all bad. I really started to understand the importance of flavour in crap food. I thought to myself," there's really no point to eating this, it doesn't taste good and it honestly isn't good for me" my weight loss started to happen.  

Round 2 of the chemo was not as much fun. I was starting to get tired. I still took my laptop and watched a bit of Netflix but over all I was starting to burn out. I had went off work at this time and went on unemployment which is a joke, 16 weeks is all you get for sicky unemployment. I tried to work as long as I could but being outdoor work with winter coming and going into people's homes I was a little worried about getting sick now that my immune system was getting beat up. So... I had 16 weeks to finish treatment and get healthy enough to get back to work...No problem