Meet and Greet (pt.3)

This was the wonderful day I was to meet all the specialists. It first started by meeting all the docs in a room but they started and finished before tthe wife and I even got there.  

Radiation guy. This was Dr. Cook ( funny name for a radiation guy). basically 7 weeks of radiation to look forward to. 5 days a week,twice in a day if there is a holiday or maintenance. He's also a fan of sticking a small camera up my nose and down my throat to check stuff out.

Chemo lady. Nice lady. 3 rounds of Cisplatin on the menu with a big list of side effects. Also a prescription of 3 different kinds of meds to stop me from puking. I was cheerily oblivious.

The dentist... "Why the heck do I need to see a dentist" I asked. "Because we may need to pull some teeth", they said. F'n wonderful. Apparently this type of cancer is most common with smokers and drinkers and rotten teeth comes with that. (I have never smoked). Luckily nothing had to get pulled but long term there may be some wonderful side effects that's cause my teeth to suffer.... Wheeeee! Another bonus

The nutritionist: her good news was eat lots now because you may not be able to later and if you lose too much weight you get a feeding tube. Not much about nutrition really. But thats okay…my wife had that covered. She already had a plan Also use lots of moisturizer cause your face will be cooked. And stretch your jaw muscles because they will also suffer. Plus brush your teeth plenty because you won't have much saliva and your teeth will decay much faster. Saweet!

2 weeks later the party started