(Part 9) one year later- spring 2016

Well fans...Our Hero has made it. 2 CT scans later and 4 or so check ups and apparently I'm cancer free. The only thing that sucks is I now have tinnitus and the saliva hasn't really come back. Nothing you can do for tinnitus. I'm getting used to drinking water all the time, it still sucks for sleeping because I wake up quite often and need a sip of water...Oh well...Still alive. And thats something to be celebrated! My weight has come back up but I don't want to gain too much more because I always wanted to lose 20 pounds (if you would also like to lose weight just ask me how). 

Some foods still don't taste that good, especially pop...but that crap isn't good for for you anyway. If anything new happens I'll let you all know. 

Miigwech to my lovely wife Leanne for doing the research and helping me to kick cancer in its a$$!