How I found out I had cancer ( Pt 1 )

A lot of people ask me how I knew I had cancer. I guess people are curious and also would like to know what symptoms they should look out for. You always hear of that person that goes undiagnosed for years and then BAM...cancer.

I had oropharyngeal cancer or cancer on the back of my tongue.

For me it began in the summer of 2014. I was on a road trip with My friend Norm and his family. I was sitting in the back seat with the seat belt on and I noticed that there was a tightness in my throat (the seat belt sat a little high). I figured that was odd but not a big deal. Over the next few months I would notice that when swallowing food would sometimes hang up in my throat and need an extra shot of water to get it down. With the insistence of my lovely wife I finally dragged my butt to the doctor.

He couldn't actually see anything and figured maybe swollen glands so we did some blood tests for that...Those came back negative. Then was a referral to a ear,nose and throat specialist...thats where the fun begins...