(Part 8) simmer down

The treatment was over but the next month and a half had to have been the worst. Couldn't really eat because of the pain. The skin around my next was pretty burnt and I had an area on the back of my hair line which was radiated thus no hair.  Despite what the doctors said about not taking vitamins I started to vitamin up as best I could. Lots of smoothies and veggie soups. NO meat or dairy. Just lots and lots of veggies, grains, and some beans if I could eat them. Don't forget to take turkey tail mushrooms. I won't get into it but a lot of various mushroom supplements help with cancer. I was also drinking Chaga tea, dandelion root tea, turmeric milk and whatever holistic cancer fighting crap my wife and I could get our hands on. (spoiler alert... I'm doing quite well now. Thanks Leanne)

Near the end of January 2015 I started to get food cravings. One of the first solids was peanut butter on toast (lightly toasted) . Don't know why but the body wanted it. Next came steak. Just had to have one even though i knew it wasn’t really good for me.

There was one spot on the back of my mouth and tongue that still hurt for quite some time I believe it went on for about 5 months. The doctor said it was just scar tissue. Whatever... It eventually stopped hurting.  

In February 2015 I went to the dentist to see what the damage to my teeth was and if any cavities due to No freakin' saliva... So far so good. One tiny cavity that was there before and a general cleaning. I later found out from my wife that they could do a special coating to help prevent cavities (not just fluoride) which have since been getting... So far so good.