Welcome to Cancer Care (Pt 2)

Before I ended up at Cancer Care I had a CT scan. Wheeeee! Honestly as far as tests go it wasn't that bad. A week or so later was my meeting with Dr. Pathak and friends at Cancer Care(there's usually interns tagging along). At this point I was oblivious of what's to come.

So they sat me down and said "something something mass on base of tongue...something something and a couple lymph nodes…4 cm...try to reduce it to operate and remove it…blah blah blah. Well that sucks I thought to myself. I texted my wife who was at work and informed her I had a touch of cancer, cause thats how I like to think of it. She scooted down right away and hung out with me even though I told her I was good but honestly I was glad she came down. 

Next step was a biopsy, Apparently the cancer I had is pretty fast moving so the doc rushed me in...by rushed I mean within a week which in Manitoba is REALLY fast. I'd say overall the biopsy wasn't too bad but afterwards I had some discomfort. I'm guessing they had tubes in my nose and throat because they were quite raw and for a couple days later the top of my lungs were sore probably from whatever breathing gadget they had shoved in there while they poked away at my tongue and throat.

A week later was another meeting at Cancer Care where we got to discuss the treatment...